A Local Option for Animal Lovers

A Local Option for Animal Lovers

When choosing to adopt a pet, many area families often look straight to Wayside Waifs or other big name animal shelters and overlook the option of smaller local shelters who have an abundance of pets looking for homes.

State Line Animal Hospital is a small veterinary clinic and animal shelter located at 104th St. and State Line Road run by head veterinarian Dr. Sally Barchman.

“At any given time, we typically have around nine or ten cats that need to be adopted, as well as five or six dogs,”  Barchman said.

All animals up for adoption at the shelter are ones found and brought in by animal control.

“We are where all animals found by Animal Control in Leawood are taken.  We hold the animal, look for tags or a microchip, and if we can’t find an owner after ten days, the animal goes up for adoption,”  Barchman said.

As well as sheltering animals looking for homes, State Line Animal Hospital offers veterinary services, boarding, grooming, and “Puppy Day Out.”

“Puppy Day Out is something pretty unique that a lot of our clients love,” Barchamin said. “A client can drop their dog off in the morning if they need to go to work, run errands or something like that, and can pick them up later that afternoon. The dogs get to roam around the clinic, sleep and play in a fenced in yard outside.”

Additionally, State Line Animal Hospital offers volunteer programs for students particularly interested in working with animals.

“Over the summer we work with children ages ten and up to develop a volunteer program.  During the school year we offer volunteer positions that students are more than welcome to count as community service hours for after school and weekends,” Barchman said. “Kids can come in and work with our veterinary technicians to learn about running an animal hospital, as well as feed, walk and play with the animals that we have and board here.”

The staff of State Line Animal Hospital encourages students and families looking to adopt a pet to consider adopting from a local shelter instead of buying from a breeder or pet store.

“All of our pets are really great animals that need loving homes. We love to be supported by our surrounding community, and we love seeing young faces come in to volunteer.  We may not be the largest or most well-known practice in the area, but we have a great staff and great clients who are passionate about their pets,” Barchman said.