Another Year Another Laugh


As the new school year commences, so does Comedy Troupe, the comedic improv group at North. The group is trying new techniques to appeal to a larger audience this year.

“This year will be an awesome year for Comedy Troupe. We’re going to have a mix of different platforms which will make the troupe different from previous years because we are not just going to play traditional games, but we’re going to write our own stuff as well,” senior and Comedy Troupe President Jacob Flekier said.

With last year’s seniors gone, new upcoming talents have fought to secure a spot in the troupe.

“I am used to there being a lot of upperclassmen, so it is weird now that I am the leader,” senior Maddie Parker said. “I definitely see some of the freshmen stepping up this year. At auditions, we saw some really good [freshmen] so we’re still trying to figure out who to put on our team.”

Maddie Parker is an experienced leader of Comedy Troupe, and is looking forward to her third year in the group. One of her main goals for this year is to get more publicity.

“Our main audience is theater people, so we want more people to come this year,” Parker said.

Sophomore Oscar Chase, a second-year member, agrees that publicity is an issue, but he also enjoys a small, friendly audience.

“We realize that we’ll never get as much publicity as something like the school musical. But at the same time, it’s fun having a concentrated, supportive audience,” Chase said.

One thing is for certain: “If you come to one of our shows and someone isn’t rolling around on the floor laughing, something is clearly wrong,” Chase said.

For more information on Comedy Troupe, visit the Blue Valley North drama website (, or look for signs posted around school for the next Comedy Troupe event.