Assassins update, April 28


On April 28 at approximately 6 p.m., Cooper Cook was enjoying the BVN tennis team dinner at Junior Ben Rohleder and senior Michael Rohleder’s house when Anna Meyer and her friend India Claflin attacked Cook. Cook and Meyer were two of only eight people left in assassins, so the rules changed allowing a free-for-all type experience where anybody is fair game to attack. The other six players include seniors Ana Ornelas, Mitchell English, Nick Romey, Stella Atzenweiler, Alison Fredericks, and Taylor Ruel. As the attack occurred, Cook made an escape to junior Brady Flanagan’s car where he took refuge as the rest of the tennis team shooed off the assailants.
“One minute, I was playing basketball with [senior] Carson [Fournier] at the team dinner, and the next I was making a run for it. I couldn’t get to my water gun so I had to escape,” Cook said.
As things began to quiet down, Meyer and Claflin made another round to the house, but this time the tennis team was ready. They quickly sealed off any exit points for Meyer’s car, enclosing her and her friend into the entrance to the neighborhood from Mission Road, while Flanagan drove Cook to block off the rear of the car to prevent it from going into reverse. For almost ten minutes, no assassins player dared make a move.
“Things were getting a little boring,” freshman Ivan Hadzhiev said. “Nobody was really sure where it was going or what was going to happen next.”
Without warning, Meyer’s cousin drove in to the rescue. She pulled up next to Meyer’s car, preventing any entrance from the side. To prevent any further action, the tennis team shifted to prevent Meyer’s cousin from moving forward while Fournier pulled in behind her, preventing any movement backwards. To fill in the open space in front of Meyer’s car where the tennis team left to stop Meyer’s cousin, senior Isaac Brinkman drove into the gap.
“It was in the heat of the moment and I knew I had to do something to help my teammate, so I took the initiative and blocked [Meyer] in,” Brinkman said.
In the midst of all the action, English snuck his way into the scene with his friend Siddarth Sharma. As soon as he was noticed, English snuck back into the safety of his car where he watched the commotion from across the street.
Together, the six cars blocked off the entrance to the neighborhood from Mission Road, so senior Michael Chu had to direct traffic to the opposite side of the road.
“I wanted to keep the assassins thing going but make sure that cars could get around so I took the leadership role and tried to direct cars the right way,” Chu said.
After a while of blasting music and provoking the assassin enemies, a local resident made his way to the scene and declared that he had called the police on the disturbance. The nearest police station was only two miles away. Within minutes, the scene was aborted.
“Things seemed to be getting a little out of hand when I left, but I would be happy to be their lawyer if it came to that,” BVN tennis coach Tracy Johnson said. When Johnson is not Coaching, she works as a lawyer.
Flanagan, junior Connor Garrett, Ben Rohleder, Fournier and Cook pursued Meyer and English, but to no avail. After some scheming, Cook made a deal with Stella Atzenweiler who is also one of the remaining eight assassins, and lured Meyer to the Winsteads at 135th and Roe where Cook took her down. Only seven assassins remain… for now.