Attack of the [CAPS] Drones


Besides being used for large companies, such as Amazon, and NASA, drones have even made their way into the Blue Valley North school district. Zach Kreisler and Matthew Leverentz are two of many students that are part of the CAPS Aerospace Engineering class who fly Hexicopters, sometimes twice a week.

“The Blue Valley director of floors and operations asks us to use these drones and contracted us to take pictures of the Blue Valley district school buildings,” Kreisler said.

The pictures are used for various reasons, such as finding where repairs need to be made on the Blue Valley buildings, finding where trees brush up against the building to know where needs to be trimmed, and for pictures that are commonly found on Blue Valley websites.


The Hexicopters used in CAPS are a top-of-the-line product, and are important to the schools’ well being.

“[The CAPS Hexicopters] cost about 3000 to 4000 dollars a piece and can probably fly over 300 feet,” Leverentz said. “We have seen them lift twenty pounds before, but I don’t think they could lift one of us.”

So next time you see a flying drone, don’t be alarmed. Likely, it is just your fellow Blue Valley classmates helping out the school