BVN Debate team qualifies for national tournaments


Seniors Molly Lindsey and Vijay Ramasamy pose with their NFL Qualifier plaques. Photo provided by Clayton Covington

On December 5 and 6, the North policy debate team under coach Kelly Thompson qualified seniors David Khalif and Vijay Ramasamy to the prestigious CFL national tournament.

At the national qualifier hosted by Blue Valley Southwest, Khalif and Ramasamy won five of their six rounds, taking home second place and one of the six spots to be eligible for the tournament.

Khalif and Ramasamy will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the end of the school year to compete.

This past weekend, Ramasamy and senior Molly Lindsey were able to qualify together for the NSDA national tournament. The NSDA qualifier was hosted by Olathe East and was based on an elimination format: a team with two losses is out of the tournament.

Ramasamy and Lindsey debated until they were amongst the only three teams left, taking home third place and qualifying for the NSDA national tournament in Dallas, TX. The NSDA tournament usually takes place after the CFL national tournament.

Seniors Clayton Covington and Cheyenne Ernst narrowly missed qualifying, but will serve as the second alternates since they received 5th place.

Ramasamy has now qualified for the national tournaments eight times in his high school career in various forms of debate and forensics-related events. This is the maximum number of times a single person can qualify for the national tournaments and is a very rare accomplishment.