Carol Bartolac – Technology Integration Specialist


Where did you work before this, and what is your background?

I was at district office. The elementary and middle schools don’t have a tech integration specialist- just the high schools do- so I covered all the elementary and middle schools. I’ve been doing that for the last 20 years.

What brought you here?

I wanted so bad to be connected to a school again, to be connected to the kids, just to have that school family environment. Over there, you’re in and out of schools, in and out, you don’t really feel like you belong anywhere.

What has been your impression of North so far?

Fun. It has been awesome. The teachers have been so positive. We have a great batch of new teachers, the old teachers have been so positive, I’ve been seeing kids. I’m just so impressed. Love it.

What do you want your students to know about you?

I played volleyball in college… and I have an M&M man in my office.

What are your goals for this year?

Well, kind of two-fold. One is to become part of this family, the Blue Valley North family, and just really enjoy and be here, but the second thing is to really help teachers use technology with kids in the classrooms.

Are there any other goals in terms of students and technology that you have this year?

I’d love to see students using things like Edmodo or some video creation stuff, or just some things that really they can use inside their classroom that really match their curriculum not as extra fluff, but really help them do better with what they have to do.