Christa Krasson- English


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you were before this?

This is my first year teaching. Before this I did serve for a little while in the Kansas City Kansas School district, I worked as a paraprofessional. This is a second career for me, prior to working as a para I was an estimator for a fire and water damage company.

What brought you to education?

I wanted to be an educator when I was very young but my family dissuaded me from that path. I pursued my bachelors degree in English and I thought at that time that I would work in the publishing industry and teach. I was misadvised. I had an academic advisor who said that I would just have to take praxis exams and I could teach with my bachelors degree in English, [but] he was mistaken. So by the time I researched that myself, I realized I needed a job I guess more than I’d like to admit [so] I found myself working in that estimating position and I did that for five years.

Why did you come to North?

I believe that academic excellence is important and I know that Blue Valley and Blue Valley North in particular have a tradition of academic excellence as well as a community of teachers who support one another for the most important goal and that is student success.

What has your impression been of North so far?

I think everything that I came thinking about it has been confirmed. I am so welcomed by other staff [and] I feel as though the teachers here are nurturing. There is a lot of support and care here and a lot of purpose. Everything is mission driven and focused so I feel as though I have joined a team of really excellent educators and I am happy to be here.

What do you want your students to know about you?

I have high expectations and they can trust me to do whats right for them and to listen to them.

What are you specifically teaching at North?

I am teaching ELA 9 and 11.

What are your goals for this year?

I want to be able at the end of the school year report tangible growth for all of my students, I really believe that to be an excellent educator you have to have student success.

Any fun facts?

I really like to climb trees.