Class Day 2019

Class President Sooim Kang walks down the aisle toward the stage.

On May 10, the graduating Class of 2019 participated in BVN’s annual Class Day. The event began at 10 a.m. in the main gym and entailed a series of speeches, music and ceremonies of recognition.

The Ceremonial Band performed “Pomp & Circumstance” as the soon-to-be-graduates walked through the gym doors and down the aisle to their seats. Shortly thereafter, Principal Dr. Tyson Ostroski gave the welcoming speech.

Senior Class sponsors Jason Jones and Jason Smajda proceeded to give speeches, wishing their now former students farewell. In return, Senior Class President Sooim Kang, Senior Class Vice President Charlotte Meyer, Senior Class Secretary MaKenzie Bowers and Senior Class Treasurer Joseph Lee took the stage and congratulated their peers.

The Senior Class Officers took their seats on stage as activities Principal Kelli Kurle carried on the tradition of presenting the Class of 2031.Representative kindergarteners from BVN feeder schools accepted gift bags from Class Officers, courtesy of The Stampede.

After the kindergartners left the stage, BVN Chorale performed “For Good” in front of the senior class. Shortly after, senior Andrew Brown gave his speech entitled “Your Expectations for Today Were Wrong.” The speech covered his high school experience and the importance of using setbacks as motivation.

Ostroski continued the event by presenting awards and honors presented to students. He introduced the winner of the KSHSAA Citizenship Award, Nathan Hassed. Next, Roger Kemp, father of the late Ali Kemp, a former BVN student, presented the Ali Kemp Scholarship to Alaina Perila. Then, Dr. Dave Leathers presented the Tom Leathers Memorial Communication Scholarship to Jocelyn Long. After, a Cocherl family member presented the Cocherl Family Foundation Scholarship to a senior. Finally, Richard Napper presented the Dr. Anise Burki Scholarship to Grace Cote.

The Class Key was presented by Sooim Kang and accepted by Junior Class sponsors Rebecca Dalton and Diane Morris. Every year the key is passed on to a new set of class sponsors.

Following the presentation of awards and honors, students were recognized for their academic achievements. The specific achievements will be listed below at a later date.

To conclude the 2019 Class Day, the graduating class stood and sang their Alma Mater. Seniors took their final strides through the BVN gym, walking underneath a silver and navy balloon arch, as the band played “Mustang Spirit” and “Music for a Ceremony.