Crossing the Line Between Humor and Hurt: First Draft

Crossing the Line between Humor and Hurt

While humans merit the right to voice opinions freely, there remains a line between what is to be laughed at, and what is to be taken seriously. As of late, there have been ill-informed comments buzzing throughout the media world regarding a sensitive topic, rape.

Rape is defined as the initiation of sexual contact against a person’s will. It can occur to anyone, but the most common cases are of women.

Missouri Senator Todd Akin fanned the flames of controversy with this comment during a live interview, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the [conception] down.” Whether he actually thought his information was accurate is unclear, but it is not true. The female body cannot distinguish between rape and consensual sex, and it is very possible that she will become pregnant if no protection is used. Legitimate rape is also not an actual term. Because he offended so many people, Todd Akin now has no chance in hell of winning the current election.

Comedian Daniel Tosh recently made a series of jokes about rape during an act. A female audience member protested by calling out, “Actually rape jokes are never funny.” In response, Tosh said, “ Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl was raped by, like, five guys right now?” No, not one person would find that humorous. Tosh still owns his own television show, where he can make offensive jokes at will.

Both men apologized for their actions, but the damage is done, and though what they said was unjustified and idiotic, they are not the only ones who are ignorant about rape and sexual abuse.

Guys, if you are initiating sex, use protection, but if the person you are with declines, STOP! Respect yourself and your body, if you do not want to have intercourse at that time, act assertively.

Please be aware of the feelings of others, because some topics are ones that could be offensive and hurtful.