Day in the Life of a Cheerleader


Sports editor Jake Goldman dances with the cheerleaders during the varsity soccer game. Photo by Austin Fultz.

From 6:45 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. I was a BVN cheerleader. Every waking moment of my existence that day was dedicated to the cheer squad. I got ready in the morning, ate a special diet for lunch, and cheered with them at night. Here’s a recap of my day in the life of a cheerleader.

The Morning:

Wakey, wakey, Jakey Jakey! I just woke up from a horrible night’ sleep, anxious for the game day that lies ahead. I had always aspired to cheerlead and follow the footsteps of my mom; today was my chance to do so. I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual to get beautiful and dressed up. Then I made my way downstairs for a nutritious breakfast: Cheerios and a cinnamon roll. It’s a necessity to carb load for game day. By 7:15 a.m. I venture my way to school.

Varsity cheerleaders hold each other up during a cheer to energize fans and players alike. Photo by Austin Fultz.
Varsity cheerleaders hold each other up during a cheer to energize fans and players alike. Photo by Austin Fultz.

Game Time:

At 6 o’clock it was back to game mode. All of the varsity cheerleaders met back at North dressed in full uniform. Most of the squad went to Panera for a little team dinner; however, junior Katy Claflin enjoyed a ritual of her own: a popsicle. I stuck with Chipotle which wasn’t the best idea when I was shaking my pompons at the game. Anyway, all of the team got on the bus and rode to Bishop Miege. I felt a lot of the enthusiasm from the team when we sang some interesting music on the bus. Finally, we arrived at the stadium at 6:40 p.m.

At Bishop Miege, everyone quickly stretched their hammys and got ready. Since it was the first football game of the season, a lot of hype was in the air. The girls (and myself) cheered “Mustang, Mustang,” “Bananas” and “We Got Spirit.” Our coaches, Chelsea Zantop and Stan Strecker said, “The biggest difficulty is staying focused, especially when being beat.” I would agree this was one of the hardest objectives. North was down over 20 points at halftime. I was ready to leave by halftime, but cheer is a commitment; the girls are there to support North through thick and thin. My legs were also wiped by halftime. Note: I couldn’t even do all the cheers so imagine what the real cheerleaders felt like. After losing 46-3 but putting on a stellar cheer performance, we headed back to North.

The night was exhausting and yet a thrill. I have so much appreciation for the cheer team. It’s amazing how hard this group of ladies work. Next time you see a cheerleader after a game, thank her for all she does. It’s a lot harder than it seems, trust me.

School Day:

All day I wanted to get to Bishop Miege and cheer. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for the bell to ring. When it came time for lunch, I enjoyed a turkey sandwich; however, some of my fellow cheerleaders devoured some other items. Many of the girls ate pasta while another cheerleader ate something more interesting. Sophomore Mckenna Trees, ate school spirit to prepare for the game. She said that she eats spirit three times a day.

At 2 p.m. it was time for cheer practice, and my first glance at the magic of the team. I did some stretching so I wouldn’t hurt myself. The cheer team got into their stunt groups and practiced their routine for the game and then for the Homecoming assembly. The chemistry within the team was extremely close knit and energetic. Everyone helped one another to improve their overall performance.

– Jake Goldman

Sports Editor