Dear Abby… Who is Abby?

By Daniel Park, Online Editor


Hi! Hello! It is so very nice to finally meet you. I bet you were so confused when we put up that Instagram post. You were probably thinking every day, every night, every second of your life, just scrutinizing over that post, screaming in your head until it could no longer handle the pain and suffering knowing that you were not exposed to the knowledge of this person. The struggle you must’ve gone through must have been just unbearable. Every moment of your life was probably distracted by a drumming question in your head that you would try and try to answer with your dear life but you couldn’t figure it out. Every five minutes you probably couldn’t stop yourself from tearing your hair apart and screaming “JUST WHO IN THIS CRAZY GLOBULAR BLUE AND GREEN PLANET IS ABBY?”

Well, hello. Sorry to torture you for so long. I am Abby. Surprise! I’m an Asian man sitting in front of his laptop eating instant noodles. Yes, that is who Abby is. But next time we get a question that might not be the same case. Maybe next time we’ll have another one of our staff members be Abby. Maybe someone like you will be Abby! Maybe we’ll actually get a person named Abby to be Abby!

Dear Abby… is, in the simplest terms, an advice column that we would like to introduce here to BVN. The original Abby was created by Pauline Phillips in 1956 under the pen name “Abigail Van Buren” (totally didn’t look this up on Wikipedia). How it works is that we receive questions on Instagram to answer from people’s responses (and eventually other places, if you have better ideas feel free to tell us!). These questions are just like yours and we answer them to the best of our ability. We’ll get different people on staff to answer different questions and maybe even one day invite people like you to answer for us!

Thank for sending us this question, even though it may not have been as serious. We hope that later we’ll be able to answer even more pressing questions, serious or not serious. 

And to the only other person who submitted a question about having male pattern baldness… You might want to talk to a doctor about that and not a random, student run, internet persona named Abby…