Guide for Guys: Date Night Color Schemes for Summer and Fall


When I was at the tender age of thirteen I went on my first date. It was a nice Friday night at the end of September, which was also during my favorite season of the year: fall. Even though the date went fairly well, in retrospect, I had a messed up color scheme of clothes.
Fortunately, it wasn’t too long until I realized that I’d messed up. But unfortunately, there are some guys out there who have trouble picking a good color scheme to follow. That’s what we’re going to tackle today.
Now, the first thing that we need to do is to set up the basic framework: the color scheme depends greatly on the environment – that is, the season of the year (winter, summer, fall, or spring).

Folks, it’s gonna get pretty hot during this time – partly because of the summer solstice, and partly because of how hot you and your date look. Around this time, it is okay to be a bit loose on the clothing, which means that shorts are okay, as long as they’re not cargo shorts with huge pockets on em – those are for dad and grandad. Boat shoes are fine, provided that they are of a reputable brand, and are not cheap knockoffs (speaking from personal experience here guys). As far as shirts go, keep it sexy with a nice v- neck, avoid overtly graphic tees, and give polos a shot too!
Now to the colors. Let’s start at the bottom: pants. Choose shorts that are light colored, either white, grey, or tan. If you like dressing preppy, opt for a salmon or mint shade. It really is up to you. But for heavens’ sake don’t wear basketball shorts, I will be all my money that you’ll look like a douche!
Afterwards, the shirt. It can be a polo if you’re looking at a classy date (artisan coffee shop), or it could be a V-neck if it’s more casual (miniature golfing). This needs to be of a bright color, like sky blue, yellow, teal, or light purple, for example. Avoid cheesy designs or comics. Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, and Lacoste are great options to go with.
Lastly, for shoes, there are not limitations here, as long as you don’t wear open-toed footwear. Moving on to accessories, go with a nice pair of shades, ones that match your face structure. As a good rule of thumb, if you have a slimmed cut, wear aviators, and if you have a bit more muscle on you, go with wayfarers. You can do more research on this if you’d like.

Since the leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler, I’m going to assume that you’ll be wearing either a casual blazer or classy sweater at this time. For pants, you should go with khakis or dark blue denim that doesn’t look too tacky. For a shirt, I’d recommend a button-down – nothing else unless you can pull it off, like a polo shirt.
Starting with the pants, they need to be a dark shade of brown or grey. You can also go with a dark blue shade of denim Always follow the golden rule of shoes and belts: make em match. Chukkas are a great option to go with, as are some ankle-height boots (they look great with denim) as long as they have a clean look. Make these gray or brown, corresponding with your pants.
Going up, the key to a good shirt is to contrast it with the pants. I’d go with a red or dark purple if you have khakis, and a light blue if you have a pair of jeans. You can be pretty liver with this, but I’d stick with button-downs since they’re classy yet casual, and if you have to give your blazer to your date, you still look good.
Speaking of blazers, let’s talk about that. If you want to match it to your shoes, make sure the blaze contrasts your pants. For example, if you have grey chukkas, then go with a grey sports coat. If you have dark brown boots, and I’m assuming you have blue denim, then the sweater must be a dark shade of either brown or purple. Whatever you do, make sure it contrasts against your shirt.
Lastly, for accessories, I’d wear shades if it’s sunny, and even take a risk to have a pocket-square in your blazer pocket. When worn with confidence, this is the ultimate sign of a classy man. Popular matching techniques are varied: you can match the square to your socks or your shirt. Make sure it stands out against your blazers, and doesn’t match too much with your shirt. For example, if you have a light blue shirt with dark blue stripes, wear a pocket square that has either light blue or dark blue. Just make sure it matches, yet stands out at the same time.