High Flyin’


A student plays Frisbee with friends on a Saturday afternoon. For members of the UFO, the relaxed sport is a fun way to meet people of all grade levels. Photo illustration by Erica Emert.

The weather was sunny with some wind, just the weather that the BVN Ultimate Frisbee Organization (UFO) needed to start out its spring season.

At a UFO game, all Frisbees are provided. Players arrive at Tomahawk Creek Parkway after school on game days, where they are divided into two teams. One team will start passing the Frisbee down the field, but if the Frisbee hits the ground or is intercepted, the disc is turned over to the other team. The goal of the game is to score points by catching the Frisbee in the opponent’s end zone. Once a game starts and the first team scores, the teams will switch sides and the one that scored will throw off to start the next point and so on.

The club, which has been around for a few years, started back up again when senior Chris Clarkston and other friends wanted something to do after school their junior year. The organization, however, was not just for friends, as UFO has members from all grade levels, so upperclassmen get to socialize with underclassmen and meet new people.

Every UFO game starts off with practice throws for new people who may not know the rules, so members are encouraged to bring friends.

“I thought it would be a fun activity to do after school with friends and just wind down after a stressful day at school,” senior Kayla Shepherd said. “It’s super chill.”

Many of the members of BVN UFO don’t attend every game, as the group’s policy is “come to the days you can.” This, however, does not stop players from getting competitive while still having fun.

“It’s a fun way to get exercise,” sophomore Miranda Deblauwe said.

While most games are in the beginning of the school year and in spring when the weather is warmer, the members organize get togethers where they can still channel the entertainment into other things such as snowball fights, so that when they get back to Frisbee, they are excited and ready to play together.

After scoring points on both sides at games, there is no set score or time for when the game will end. Each game continues until people get tired or have to leave, so length and number of points vary each game day.

“We always go to Sonic afterwards, and that is awesome, and it’s probably my favorite part [of the organization],” Deblauwe said.

– Hayley Berger