Mustangs make a splash for charity


What is it?

The ALS ice bucket challenge is a viral video phenomenon. Popular golfer Chris Kennedy was nominated and chose ALS as his charity of choice because a member of his family had been diagnosed, that the Ice Bucket Challenge gained popularity. As of August 19th, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has raised over 22.9 Million to The ALS Association, compared to 1.9 million as of this time last year without the publicity of the challenge

ALS the Disease

ALS is a disease that is medically known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, but commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It’s a disease that essentially makes it so that the affected person loses control of their voluntary muscles which makes it hard for their body to function. The average lifespan for a person with ALS is around 2-5 years. A young man named “Anthony Carbajal,” a 26 year old who was diagnosed with ALS talks about the effect it has had on him. “I’m having trouble starting my car, unbuttoning my shirts. Eventually I won’t be able to use my hands and feet at all. I won’t be able to walk, talk, and breathe on my own. That’s the real truth of ALS.” Anthony was diagnosed with ALS 5 months ago and it runs in his family. Hs mother and grandmother were both diagnosed with ALS, “no one talks about it because it is so challenging to watch, so challenging to see” he says about ALS in his genetics. Only 30,000 people in the world have ALS and only about 5000 people are diagnosed every year. Anthony says, “Pharmaceutical companies don’t invest their billions of dollars to develop a drug for ALS because I’m not profitable. I am not worth saving. It us crucial that we advocate for people that don’t have as powerful a voice in todays society.

BVN Perspective

If you’re involved in social media, especially Instagram, you’ve more than likely seen a fair share of your peers doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The students, and even faculty, have shown their involvement and concern for the cause. Senior Molly Lindsey, who has personal connections with ALS, completed the challenge with her whole family.

“My cousins challenged my whole family to do it. My uncle has ALS, and we’ve recently spent a lot of time with him, which was difficult to watch,” Lindsey said.

In addition to enjoying participating in the trend, students understand the importance of donating to the cause and spreading awareness.

“When I was nominated, I was excited to be a part of a movement that was benefiting such a great charity. I think it’s important that people donate because that’s the point– to raise money, but even if you don’t have the financial means to donate, simply doing the challenge can raise awareness, which is a good first step,” junior Alexa Breyfogle said.

Many students have nominated faculty to participate in the challenge, and some were eager to contribute and spread the word.

“[My student] Jackson Bueno challenged me. I did donate in addition to having ice water poured on me, and I think that if you do it, you should also donate,” teacher Jeff Breedlove said. I challenge everybody to donate, and then do the challenge.”

Some participants are offended that the majority of the people taking the challenge don’t donate money. However, staff and students have expressed how simply doing the challenge is valuable.

“I actually really like [the challenge]. People think it’s stupid, but it’s done a lot for ALS research and has raised a ton of money, and got the word out. More people know about the disease and that’s really important,” sophomore Jared Belzer said.

Lindsey feels that the challenge is important and valuable, and has done a lot, not only for victims of ALS, but has also helped our generation to become more aware of important issues.

“I think it’s kind of ridiculous that people say that if you don’t donate, you’re not helping. Honestly, if you don’t have the money, just doing the challenge can still bring awareness. My age group would have no idea what ALS is if not for this challenge. This is a way to use social media in a positive way to make change,” Lindsey said.

Pop Culture’s Involvement

Celebrities have shown their support for the Ice Bucket challenge by donating and participating, including George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, as well as countless others.. Recently, a large group of teachers responded to Studio 424’s Ice bucket challenge and students helped them participate.

List of teachers:
Ms. Matson
Mr. Huette
Mr. Smith
Mrs. Moran
Mrs. Weir
Mr. Sickel
Mrs. Stein
Mrs. Frost
Mrs. Morris
Mr. Rose
Mr. Breedlove
Mr. Skiles
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Pence

Jeff Breedlove

Steven Skiles

Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and Rob Riggle

Paul Bissonnette

Taylor Swift…

Charlie Sheen (with a twist!)

George W. Bush