Jason Peres- Administrative intern


Where did you work before this/Tell us a little bit about yourself?

“[Before this, I was at] Blue Valley High School, and I was there for 12 years. I taught in the social studies department… I taught AP European History and world history, and then I was also the department chair for social studies.”

What made you come to come here?

“Honestly, the position I currently hold is administrative intern, and it’s a yearlong position to kind of learn how to be an administrator, right? It literally fell into my lap. I was contacted by HR, and they asked me if I’d be interested, and so I was like ‘Well yeah, I’d be interested.’ They selected this school. So I had no idea where I was going to go, I just said I would do it, and then they chose the school for me to go to, I came here, I introduced myself to Mr. Stubblefield- he had no idea I was coming, so it was like, ‘Hey, I’m here, we’re working together. Nice to meet you.’”

What has your impression of North so far been?

“Well, I did a long-term sub here like a decade ago, so I have an idea as to what North is like, but so far, I would say incredibly welcoming. The administrative staff and the teachers have all reached out to me and said hello, they’ve accepted me as part of the family even though they kind of know this could be a temporary position. I’ve met a lot of kids, especially the ambassadors. [They] seem incredibly fun to work with, incredibly bright young peoples, so it’s just been a good atmosphere. Honestly, kind of a typical Blue Valley School. I mean, I don’t really notice a big difference between this place and the other Blue Valley schools.”

What do you want your future students to know about you?

“I want them to know my door is always open, that I got into this business because I like young people, because young people are objective, passionate, and energetic and I kind of feel like that’s infectious, so I like to be around young people. Um, and also, I did this career to make a difference, you know, and I believe that my life makes a difference and that’s only because I serve other people. And so if I’m not doing those things, then it’s kind of a meaningless career.”

What are your goals?

“My goal for this year is to learn as much as possible. I’ve dedicated my life to learning, obviously because I’m in schools, but my goal really is to learn everything there is to know about administration so that at the end of the year, I can find a job in administration. And I would love to stay in the Blue Valley district, I’d love to be here, but someone has to leave, you know, for me to get a job somewhere, so my goal is just to learn.”