Jaxson Dubinsky: Senior Column

Jaxson Dubinsky: Senior Column

The game that changed my life. From the minute that I picked up a ball when I was two years old, I was a baseball player. Baseball was my passion, my dream, my everything. All I wanted to do was play, watch and breath baseball. But then high school came around.

My friends convinced me to play football. It was freshman year and scrawny, little, and five-foot me was supposed to put on a bunch of pads and tackle people to the ground. I did it to make my friends happy, not myself, but little did I know how life changing it would become and the joy that it sparked in my life.

Baseball was still my thing, spending countless weekends in the summer going out of town to show college coaches that I was worth a scholarship to their schools. Countless hours driving back and forth training to make myself the best I could be. I thought these were the days, hours, minutes that were going to define my childhood, and make me the man that I became today. Little did I know was a great coach, a little success, and an odd shaped, brown ball could do for a high school boy.

The Jaxson Dubinsky that stands here on this earth today, would not be the same man without everyone involved in the Blue Valley North Football Program. Never would I have reached my full potential and never would I have overcome the decisions and hardships that I had to over my four years at this wonderful school. I was taught things that could never be learned in the classrooms and I made friendships that couldn’t be broken by the hardest helmet-to-helmet hit you could imagine. For that I cannot thank BVN Football enough.

I thought I was going to regret giving up baseball. I gave up the countless hours driving back and forth from training so that I could train at the school with my teammates and prove to everyone was good enough to see the field and contribute to the historic season we had. It wasn’t until the scoreboard read 28-27 at Blue Valley High School and I was standing on the field celebrating that I had realized the greatness of my decision. I was honored to be a mustang and I had no regrets from here on out.

It was a life changing experience for me and I couldn’t describe high school without these last two years with Coach Sims and my brothers. I owe all of them and their families the most thanks possible along with anyone else that made these last two seasons possible. Thank you to everyone at BVN for the last four yeas and I can’t wait to come back and see what this school and its football program has become. Farewell.