Journalism staffs travel to San Francisco for National High School Journalism Convention

For five days in April, The North Star, The Northern Light and Studio 424 took a break from the halls of BVN and flew together to San Francisco, Calif., for the annual NSPA/JEA National High School Journalism Convention.

Sophomore Laura Campbell went as a staff member of Studio 424 for the first time in hopes of learning more about journalism.

“I wanted to expand my knowledge for journalism more and learn out of the classroom and get knowledge from different perspectives,” Campbell said.

The NSPA/JEA Convention was held over three days from 9 a.m. to around 3:30 p.m. and offered multiple different sessions for the students to participate in.

“At a lot of the different sessions, I got a ton of ideas for things we can do to make our paper, and our online and twitter especially more interactive, which I think will definitely be really cool to see if we can implement those ideas next year,” junior Shantha Burt said.

The different sessions were 50 minutes long and were led by nationally and locally familiar professors as well as fellow high school students.

Each session offered advice specialized to the different fields of journalism: print, online, and video.

“I learned how to write a script, and that was so nice,” junior Meriahna Adams said. “We just got a bunch of different perspectives on everything, and it opened my mind up to new possibilities that I could try with my videos.”

Because the convention itself only lasted for three days, the remaining days were left for traveling and for the staff members to explore the “The Golden Gate City.”

“I got to get a lot closer to staff members and also just really enjoy the city of San Francisco,” Burt said. “We went to Alcatraz and Chinatown, and we went to a bunch of different places. Each place was really different, but really fun to be at and unique to explore.”

Junior Anna Small recalls how the trip also worked as a bonding experience for the members of Studio 424.

“I think one moment where I was like, ‘wow this is really cool,’ is when we all got together; it was our last night in San Francisco,” Small said. “We all got together … and had a talk about everything. That was a moment where I was like, ‘wow. we’re all bonding.’”

Although the timing of this trip forced most students to miss out on taking important exams and tests, Small explains how she does not regret the choice of going.

“I’m really glad that I came because I wouldn’t want to be missing out on this,” Small said. “I would recommend anybody that has the opportunity to go on the trip to go; you won’t regret it.”