Kansas City Design Challenge


In the spring of 2014 BVN participated in a new event, Kansas City Design Challenge, designed to inspire today’s youth and develop tomorrow’s designers and entrepreneurs. Mrs. Crane, a teacher at North, was the one who brought the event to kansas and took lead in organizing it. Students work individually in class, then attend three workshops where they work with students from other schools. In the third workshop students work with teachers, design professionals, and entrepreneurs to prototype their ideas and vote on a winner at the end of the day. This year’s event went great with a team from North taking first place. The Blue Valley administration took notice of the event and Mrs. Crane’s hard work. In November they presented her with a grant for about $5,000 to fund next years event.

mrs crane story

With the extra funds Mrs. Crane plans to expand the program to more schools and invite middle school students. Students from Blue Valley North will work with students from CAPS, Leawood Middle, Paseo Academy, Lincoln Academy, Independents, and others in the Kansas City metro area. The next challenge will be to investigate historical figures, learn from their ideas, and develop new ideas to further their legacy. If you are interested in participating, or would like to request further information, you can speak to Mrs. Crane, Mr. Smajda, or Mrs. Pence.