Kelly Thompson- Debate & Forensics


Where did you work before this? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I taught at Hutchinson for five years. I did debate and forensics there. Before that I taught middle school drama at Junction City for one semester. I attended Emporia State University before I started teaching.

What made you come to North?

We moved here for two primary reasons. The first was because we want our daughter in the Blue Valley school system, and the second is because in Hutchinson I did debate and forensics and I travelled every weekend except for twice in 5 years, and I just didn’t want to travel that much anymore.

What has your impression of North been so far?

We’ve mostly just been in meetings so I’m more excited to get to work with the kids then I have been for the meetings, but it’s been good.

What do you want your future students to know about you?

I hope they just know that I love debate. Debate is really valuable for people in their lives more than it is just about debate or debate competitions. It’s about what you learn that you can use in other areas of your life that helps make you a more successful and competent person.

What are your goals this year in terms of the activities?

My biggest goal is to help every student meet the goal that they set for themselves, whether that is having a winning record at least one tournament, or win a state championship. I just hope that I can help students reach those goals that they have for themselves.