Lend Me a Tenor

On October 10th, 11th, and 12th, eight cast members and 25 crew members performed Ken Ludwig’s play: “Lend Me a Tenor.” This comedy, which is set in the 1930s, consisted of two acts surrounding the much-anticipated opera performance of the internationally famous Tito Merelli and the obstacles that accompanied the hours leading up to his performance. Four out of the eight cast members are on the North Comedy troupe, so the show was riddled with comedy the members practiced and attempted to improve over time. Audience members enjoyed $1 concessions, and students who came to see the play got a discounted price on the entry ticket. All of the show’s proceeds went back into the theater departments for their set pieces, props, and costumes.

Senior Daniel Presley, performing in his third show at BVN, played the role of Tito Merelli. He moved here during his junior year and has performed in every BVN show since. He has enjoyed his experiences in theaters so much that he plans on pursuing theater in college. 

“I came here halfway through the year. I was a newcomer,” Presley said. “Now, I feel like I’m part of this family, and I’m so happy to be here.”

The theater community at BVN includes a wide group of students from repertory theater classes during the school day and musicals or plays throughout the year. Another cast member that agrees with the positive environment of the BVN theater community is Junior Clarie Anderson. Anderson has been involved in theater for six years and performed in eight BVN shows during that time. 

“I like that the show and the theater department feels like a community. Everybody is very involved,” Anderson said. “The show wouldn’t be the same without every single person; actors, cast, crew, directors. Every person is special to the show.”

After being involved in the theater program at BVN for three years, Anderson has performed in many different shows and many different directors. For “Lend Me a Tenor”, she played the role of Diana, a part that included about 100 lines to perform for the show. Anderson and the other seven cast members spent hours after school working on lines, blocking and working through scenes that made up the play. They had rehearsals four days a week, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., from mid-August to October.

“I feel like we had more time to develop and work on with our characters [in this show] than other shows in the past,” Anderson said. “We get to mess around with our characters and really develop them.” 

Cade Friermuth, a junior at BVN, has been in eight shows with BVN and is captain of the comedy troupe; “The Grapes of Laugh”. Friermuth spent over four hours memorizing his almost 250 lines for the play. He was excited about this role because it was the largest role he had had in a production.

“It’s better, it’s funnier, and it’s smoother [than shows of the past],” Freiermuth said. “We play our strengths in the show. We know who we are.”

Freiermuth enjoys bringing high energy to every performance he is in. Along with developing his acting skills, Freiermuth has also made some close relationships through the theater department. He spends much of his time outside of school with friends he met in the theater department.

“My favorite part of BVN theater,” Freiermuth said. “is that I have made such amazing friends in the past two years”

Junior Ayesha Bhatti frequently attends BVN theater shows. She has attended five BVN theater shows in the past 2 years and saw “Lend Me a Tenor” on the second night of its showing, Friday the 11th.

“I came to the show to see my friends,” Bhatti said. “They are honestly funny and good shows.”

After the last show on October 12th, the cast and crew spent around two taking down the set, a time they call “strike”. Six of the cast members then turned their focus to the musical auditions that were on October 15th. BVN theater is now preparing for the spring musical “Honk”. Junior Will Hancock played the character of Max in the show and will also be participating in the spring musical.

“We all grew together throughout the show,” Hancock said. “And the show was very successful.”