Lorde brings something new to indie-pop

Photo from mtv.com

Photo from mtv.com

A star on the rise, indie pop singer and songwriter Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, also known as Lorde, is making waves in the music industry at only 16 years old. The singer has made it to the top of the charts with her hit “Royals,” an upbeat song composed of thought-provoking lyrics about the materialistic society she finds herself in, and her perspective on that sort of life.

Lorde’s songs consistently have meaningful lyrics, ones that anyone and everyone can connect with. I was very surprised by this trait when first discovering Lorde, because of her young age. But after listening closely to the words of her songs, I realized her wealth of knowledge and wisdom.Many artists, at least from my own perspective, sing beautiful music that was written by someone else. With Lorde, you know it’s her true emotions because she is the songwriter.

When Lorde’s new album “Pure Heroine” popped up on my Spotify home page in late September, I had no hesitation to put in my headphones and blast it full volume. A recent favorite of mine in music, Lorde often points out the flaws in society, and her lack of interest in the high life. My personal favorites of the album are entitled “Team” and “Tennis Court.” With lyrics such as “dancin’ around the lies we told” in her song “Team,” Lorde reveals her true emotions about her seemingly endless partying (judging by the lyrics of her other songs), and how she perceives her peers, herself, and the world around her.  Her genuine lyrics and honesty are what I appreciate most about this artist.

My other favorite, “Tennis Court,” has a similar message, but this time more about inauthenticity rather than parties. She sings “we’re so happy, even when we’re smilin’ out of fear.” She exposes herself and her cohorts as sometimes two-sided, or even lying to themselves about how they feel. In this song, and all of them for that matter, her witty lyrics roll of the tongue and are instantly embedded into my head, the words stuck there until I find myself singing out loud.

Needless to say, I was more than pleased with this new release. Unlike most other artists, Lorde sings about different types of relationships than just romantic ones. She sings about relationships with friends, her family, partying, and materialism, all of which have an effect on her. Without even knowing her, I can tell how much music is an outlet for Lorde. I look forward to her next album.