Loren Welles- Band

What classes will you be teaching this year?

I will be co-teaching the marching band, concert band, [and] freshman band, as well as two elementary band programs at Valley Park Elementary and Mission Trail Elementary.

Where did you work before you took this job?

I worked for one year at BVSW in a similar position, and before that I lived in Austin, Texas, where I completed a masters program in clarinet performance, and before that I did my undergrad in Westchester, Pennsylvania, where I am originally from.

What made you decide to come and teach here?

The way the schedule is set up here, it makes it a lot easier to teach music in a community that is really supportive of the arts.  I really likes the opportunity to teach two elementary band programs that feed into BVN.  At Southwest, I also got to teach a little bit of strings, and I like that I can be fully dedicated to band here.

What is your first impression of North?

It seems like a really great place to work.  The students that I met at band camp last week as well as the staff seem really welcoming, and it will be fun to work with such a dedicated group of people.

What are some of your goals for your classes and your students this year?

I want them to improve musicianship and have a wonderful overall experience where students feel like they are able to achieve more when they walk out the door than when they walked in it. That every class is meaningful and fun as well.

Any fun facts you would like to share?

I love to travel. I have been to 14 countries and two years ago, I went to Peru and did the Machu Picchu experience, and that was really cool.  I am working through my bucket list of big travel places that I want to see.  You will just have to join band to learn more fun facts about me!