Making losing a fantasy


Two weeks of fantasy football down, and already five first round picks have gone down, either by injury or suspension. For the unlucky footballer who think chaos has broken out in the fantasy world there is still some hope; you have come to the right place.

Chiefs Advice

The Chiefs had a good second game, especially since they played the Broncos. The only problem is that ten players are injured, including Jamaal Charles, a probable pro-bowl player who is out with an ankle sprain. As bad is this may be for the Chiefs, this provides a good opportunity for fantasy players. Without Alex Smith’s main targets, TE Travis Kelce and RB Knile Davis will continue to get more yards. These players have shown their talent and will likely be used more often, even with Dwayne Bowe back from suspension.

Advice for Bigger Leagues

If you are in a bigger league and many of the good quarterbacks (QBs) are gone, there’s still hope. Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will be out for several months due to an ankle injury. This means their backup QB will be in play for probably the rest of the season, which is why it is a good opportunity to pick up Kirk Cousins, especially since he had a 41-point game on Sunday.

You probably have heard of Adrian Peterson’s suspension from the NFL because of child abuse. It is likely that his backup M. Asiata has been claimed, but if not, he is going to have a big season especially since he had over 100 yards on Sunday’s game.

Mark Ingram, the RB for the New Orleans Saints, is likely to miss four games in the next month due to a hand injury. Khiry Robinson, the once second string RB on the roster, is now the starter for the Saints and is expected to have a big workload for the time being.

Defensive Advice

As far as defense goes, the Seahawks and Broncos will probably be taken, but more than likely the Rams will be open, either because they were never picked up, or because they had two terrible games. This does not mean, however, that they are a bad defense. Their beginning lull will likely be overcome for the rest of the season, especially with Robert Quinn who had a total of nineteen sacks last year. The Bills defense has also had some great games, racking up four interceptions and a fumble last week. The Chiefs defense, on the other hand, has had some issues. Some of the chief injuries for the team were on defense, including Eric Berry, so for the time being it is probably smart to drop the Chiefs defense.

Running Back Advice

In general, running backs (RBs) are a premium. They are always needed and are useful for making trades. The best advice I can give is to drop some players on your bench for decent or rookie RBs who have potential, such as Carlos Hyde, and look for possible trade with people who have a weak lineup of RBs. For some extra advice, C.J. Spiller, even though he had two great games racking up over 100 yards and a touchdown will probably not have another game such as that for a while. You are probably thinking that he is consistent in achieving a touchdown every game, but last weeks touchdown was off a kickoff return. While being a WR, RB and a kickoff returner means that he can get extra yards, it also means that he will not be played as often since his playtime is split with two other RBs. It would be smart to bench him for at least this week and see how he does before playing him again.

Who to Start

Anything can happen later in the season, but some things are more probable than others. Eddie Lacy is a first-round pick for many, but he may not live up to standards. His first game against the Seahawks was second-string quarterback bad. His game on Sunday was not much better, giving second thoughts towards Lacy. My opinion: keep him and play him. He may not be as good as he was projected to be, but he is still a top RB. Dez Bryant also has only averaged one touchdown a game, but that is also because the Cowboys were winning by such a large lead on Sunday that they did not need to play him as hard.