Meet Elizabeth Cornell!

Where did you work before this and tell us about yourself?
This is my first teaching job. I graduated from the University of Nebraska. I went to Shawnee Mission South High School.

Any family here?
My family lives here and my husband and I live down by Blue Valley High School.

Did you live in Nebraska at all?
I grew up here and then I moved there for school and then we lived in Madison,
Wisconsin for two years, and now we are here.

What made you want to come here and what are you teaching?
I am teaching social studies and I have US and World History…. Blue Valley is a really good school district, and I wanted to be in the district.

What is your impression of this school so far?
The teachers have been really accommodating helpful to get me all ready to go.

What are your goals for this year?
Well, it is my first year and I want to have a successful year and have all of my students pass my class.

Advice to students and philosophy of teaching
Teachers here at North are here to help them succeed and they just need to be
prepared for class and respect one another and they will have a good year.

Fun facts
Skydiving for first wedding anniversary this year.