Meet Your Candidates, Kansas: Senate Elections

With election day just around the corner, BVN News has decided to present an overview of the candidates, that students who are able to vote may be able to better educate themselves before heading out to the polls. Today, we take a look at the candidates for a position as Kansas’ next senator.

Greg Orman Profile Photo
Independent candidate, Greg Orman.

Greg Orman is running as an Independent candidate in the upcoming election against the incumbent Pat Roberts. Orman is relatively new to the political sphere, but has gained a reputation as a problem solver by working as a businessman working in the renewable energy industry. On the political spectrum, Orman leans slightly to the left, but maintains a relatively moderate platform, as he stands more fiscally conservative though he supports socially liberal positions.  Some of his positions have been summarized below.

Orman’s Political Platform

-Believes in man-made climate change, though he has not clarified whether or not he supports a federally instated carbon tax

-Supports universal background checks on gun sales

-Favors installing term limits for Congressmen and women, and has called for a Constitutional Amendment limiting congressional service to a maximum of 12 years. Orman has pledged to serve no more than two terms in office if he is elected.

-Supports a cap on campaign donations from corporations towards individuals running for office and called for a Constitutional amendment which would overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United Decision

-supports women’s access to legal abortion

-Opposes ballot requirements which he believes to hinder third-party candidates

-Wants to maintain or increase border patrols into reduce the flow of undocumented immigrants into the U.S. Orman does  not support amnesty for illegal immigrants

-Opposes repealing the Affordable Care Act while President Obama is still in office


Pat Roberts Profile Photo
Incumbent Senator Pat Roberts (R).

Pat Roberts is running as the incumbent Republican candidate in the upcoming election against challenger Greg Orman. Roberts is aiming to gain a fourth term in Congress, extending his career in politics to nearly fifty years, and gaining a reputation as being experienced in the American political sphere. Roberts falls to the far right of the political spectrum, maintaining a position which is both socially and fiscally conservative. Some of his positions have been summarized below.

Roberts’ Political Platform 

-Does not believe in anthropogenic climate change and therefore is opposed to a federally instated carbon tax

-Opposes universal background checks on gun sales and is backed by the National Rifle Association as a gun-friendly politician

-Opposes Congressional term limits

-Supports the Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court and therefore is opposed to a cap placed on campaign donations from corporations

-Considers himself “pro-life” and stands staunchly opposed to abortion outside of extenuating circumstances like rape or incest

-Supports the immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act and has pledged to fight for its removal as one of his main campaign positions

-Opposes Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and rather believes that simply securing the United States borders should be a top priority