NAHS members plan to paint new murals in BVN hallways

At BVN, there are many clubs and activities that can help students pursue their passions and excel in and out of the classroom. One of these is National Art Honor Society, or NAHS. This group’s most recent project is painting murals around the school.

“The requirements to be in National Art Honor Society are to have taken three art classes, have a 3.5 GPA in your art classes and a 2.7 in your regular classes,” leader of NAHS Alison Crane said. “You also have to complete a total of ten hours of community service.”

Senior Mya Levitch had enough credits to join NAHS after two years at BVN. She talked about the purpose of the murals that the society plans to paint.

“We want to make our mark on the school and the murals are a great way to decorate the halls and make something interesting, but also they provide a way for our organization to give back to the school,” Levitch said.

The current goal is to redo the 400 hallway’s artwork and finish the world languages mural in the 200 hall which NAHS started two years ago. Additionally, there is also a plan in place to paint a mural based on The Lourve, the world’s largest art museum in Paris, France.

“We get a lot of requests to do murals and so we try to accommodate those as much as we can,” Crane said. “Mr. Holland is actually working quite a bit with his painting class to put up a picture of the Louvre Museum. It’s going to look like it’s a 3-dimensional view into The Louvre so when you stand on a certain square it looks like you’re actually standing in the museum. The goal is to have different artists paint different works on the wall and so every artist would get to paint a different work that’s featured on the wall.”

Levitch talked about how the murals will benefit BVN as a whole, but specifically its students.

“The murals will bring the school to life, and many of them hold important messages within them, like equality and diversity,” Levitch said. “For me personally, I love to see artwork as I walk around the school because it livens things up and I appreciate the amount of work that went into each one.”

Crane agreed that the murals have the potential to spruce up the hallways.

“Mr. Masterson is always looking for new ways to beautify the school and add a little school pride, so we are happy to oblige.

Levitch said the best part of NAHS is connecting with people who are just as interested in art as she is.

“My favorite part of NAHS is that I have the opportunity to meet other students who have the same passion as me and it is so rewarding to be a part of big projects and events like Art For All,” Levich said. “Ever since freshman year I wanted to be a part of NAHS because it is the one opportunity I have to really come together with other artists and use our different styles to benefit each other.”