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Start Here by Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye was a remarkable album that described the hardships, friendships and relationships for the two girls living in the country. The album isn’t all just powerful messages, such as ways to prevent bullying, it also has humor that will make you do an actual laugh out loud that keeps fans interested and a good beat to keep listeners moving. Their songs are based off of truths and that’s what could make this album relatable for so many people. Though, it’s not a real secret that their songs are mostly gender biased and written in a girl’s perspective, it is still a gender neutral album that can be enjoyed by both sides, boys and girls.

With the strumming guitar, pulsing bass and angelic flow of voices, each song has its

own unique beat and rhythm to it that it makes it hard to stop listening. The best flow of lyrics in

the album would be in “Your Side of Town.” This song is about a rough breakup, is hinted towards cheating, that happened between a couple and the girl is telling the boy, “You better stay, stay on your side of town. [I] don’t want your headlights on my road. [The] door to my heart is closed. If you can hear that train running down those tracks you’re way too close”.  Maddie and Tae did a really nice job of making the lyrics flow all together and rhyme, which is the most vital step in making the song have a good beat and rhythm.

Maddie and Tae included many meaningful songs as well, such as “Sierra”. The song

mentioned a rivalry between two girls, Sierra and Maddie. Even though Sierra kept bullying

Maddie, Maddie still never did anything to get back at Sierra, she just said, “To tell the truth, I

ain’t even mad ’cause I know the universe is gonna get you back. All I have to do is bide my time.” “Sierra” sends a powerful message to listeners experiencing bullies. They’re trying to tell them not to do anything to physically harm the bully, but to let karma have its way in punishing them.

Along with powerful messages and good rhythm, Maddie and Tae also have a good sense

of humor, as shown in “Shut up and Fish.” This song talks about a hilariously unsuccessful

first date. The boy took her out to the lake to fish, but he was hoping for a little more. Tae

responds with, “boy if you would shut up and fish.” As the guy kept persisting and pushing,

“[She] finally had all of him that [she] could take so [she] gave him a cold shower in the lake”.  

Maddie and Tae have a lot of potential to become successful in the music industry. They have it all: the humor, the universal messages, and most importantly, good music. Their music style is something that hasn’t been heard much of yet, it is obvious that they sing from their heart and try to be very original. The music industry could use fresh talent like these girls; even music fanatics who aren’t interested in country could definitely become a fan of Maddie and Tae, just as I have.