New clubs start meeting

As human beings, we’re driven to be understood and supported; we strive to challenge ourselves and express our own individualism. Clubs, a separate entity from school allow students to be diverse. BVN has over 33 different clubs and a wide variety of activities. Statistics show 32 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls at our school attend club activities. Numbers also showed at the end of last year, almost all club participants viewed the outlet as a beneficial opportunity.
“This school has many clubs and a lot of people benefit from them,” social studies teacher Nancy Pence said. “Science, English, social studies and even art, you name it, you can apply all of these things with the extension of clubs. You also build relationships and connections with your peers.”
The activity fair, held Sept. 30, showcased student clubs in the commons. Students had their advisory period to gather information and get a feel of what they may be into. Here are a few clubs students can join:
Asian American Club
“It’s a good chance for Asians and others to understand the Asian culture,” senior Haokun Ren said.
The Asian American Club focuses on the diverse Asian cultures of China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, India and other Asian nations.
“We go out to lunch, go to houses to play games and one [we] time made fortune cookies,” Ren said.
The club generally meets once a month, but does not have set meeting times or dates in order to work with members’ schedules. For information on the next meeting date, talk to club president, senior Faye Chou.
Black Leadership Club:
“The club is awesome,” Black Leadership Club president junior Josh Robinson said. “This club is about spreading diversity throughout the school and making sure African Americans are projected in a good light. But I want to make sure to say; this club is for everyone,”
Robinson serves as the club’s president, but there are still other vacant leadership positions the club is looking to fill.
“This year we have a new sponsor, Mrs. [Cynthia] Younger and our previous sponsors Mr. [Paul] Roberts and Mrs. [Nancy] Pence. This is a new year and we want everyone to be a part of this, it’s a club that is bigger than ourselves,” Robinson said.
Black Leadership Club meets every Friday morning at 7:20.
Drawing Club:
This club is similar to the National Art Honor Society, though there are no academic requirements.
“This club is completely new, we’re still looking for more people to join and add more ideas to important things we can do,” junior Theresa Krause said.“This club is in a molding process. The club meets every Thursday right after school in room 308.”
You can find out more about these and other clubs on the school’s web site.