New Year, New You



It’s 2017, and many have already made their resolutions for the new year. However, sticking with these new plans can become difficult as time progresses. Eventually, there are few people who actually see their resolutions through the end. Here are three easy and simple tips on how to stick to resolutions that are important to you, and that you want to make happen:


1) Find motivation

When you find motivation for the new year, then it seems as if you are almost rewarding yourself. For example, say one of your resolutions is to go to the gym more often, but you find it really hard to get out of bed or muster up the energy to go. However, if you tell yourself to get a smoothie or a sandwich after you work out,it may make working out seem like a less daunting task. Also, you could plan to work out with your friends, so that it does not seem as bad because you found something that motivated you to go.

2) Conquer your fears

Let’s say that one of your resolutions is to join a dance class, but then you start to think “I probably shouldn’t go because everyone will be better than me, and I will end up embarrassing myself anyways.” First of all, you are not helping yourself by thinking that way? If you tell yourself you will do bad and then end up not going, then you are not gaining anything or accomplishing anything. If you tell yourself that you will do good and that you just want to try it out for fun, then at least you will be happy with the decision you made despite any outcomes.

3) Plan it

Make a list of what you want to change or accomplish for the new year, whether it is going to the gym or eating healthier. After you have made your list, then you can plan things according to your resolutions. For example, you know that you are not going to do anything this upcoming Saturday afternoon. Instead of being on your phone or watching Netflix, you could schedule a workout session with some friends, or plan to go have lunch at a new, healthy restaurant with your mom. Whatever it is, if you write it down and plan to do something, you will be more likely to do it.