North Teens on Social Media

By Maddie Austin, Staff Writer

The “like” button on Instagram is hit on an average of 4.2 billion times a day, according to AdEspresso. Social media has transformed the lives of high schoolers worldwide in recent years compared to past generations, and most teenagers at BVN use multiple platforms daily.


One of the most popular platforms among highschoolers is Instagram; 76 percent of all teenagers across the United States have an account according to Science Daily. Sophomore Anna Hamilton has had an account since she was in sixth grade, and uses it regularly. She thinks that there are ups and downs to having any social media account. She feels that platforms like Instagram have become fake due to the pressure of having to keep up with a certain image, but likes seeing what her friends are up to.

“My favorite part about having Instagram is seeing other people’s feed. I like seeing vacation photos and keeping up to date with what everyone else is doing,” Hamilton said. “My least favorite part is feeling the pressure to make everything look perfect all the time and keep up the aesthetic that people think you should have.”


YouTube has been around for 14 years, but many teenagers have just started creating a variety of different channels. Junior Alex Doege started her own YouTube channel when she was eight years old to make videos with her friend and siblings. She used the channel to film her and her friend hanging out and doing funny stunts. Later, when Alex was in seventh or eighth grade, she created a new channel for makeup and now has a channel for travel montages.

“Over the past five years, I figured out that it’s cool to make travel montage videos,” Alex said. “And then instead of showing hundreds of photos and videos to family members, you can just show one video with everything together.”


The most recent social media platform trend is TikTok. Thousands of kids everywhere around the world use this lip syncing music video app according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Junior Ciera Teegarden had the app when it first started as, about three to four years ago. 

“I like having an account on TikTok because I got famous one time. After that, I was like, this is kind of cool. So I decided to keep making videos,” Ciera said. 

Overall, many students at Blue Valley North use social media to express themselves to other people. Studies show that social media has become a huge part of teenagers’ lives, and usage is increasing everywhere. Each platform has its benefits and drawbacks, but still is popular among teens.

“Social media can be bad because we can get addicted to it, and spend more time thinking about what people think about us,” Alex Doege said, “but I think social media is beneficial for staying connected and for spreading views. It’s how we like to tell stories.”