OPINION: 5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a Freshman

OPINION: 5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a Freshman

1. Every grade matters. I find myself cringing every time I look at my freshman transcript because I could have easily gotten better grades had I made more of an effort. Do not be the person with a final B in P.E. This certainly isn’t new advice, but do your homework and study. During freshman year, points are mainly for homework, sometimes even for completion. Do the best you can and leave the lower grades for harder classes. You will thank yourself when sending your transcripts to your dream college senior year.

2. Extra credit will save you. Realizing all your grades are borderline right before finals can be avoided! If a teacher offers extra credit, do it. Ending the semester with an 89.4 percent, 0.1 percent away from an A, is frustrating, especially when you could have done extra credit. You don’t want to be that kid begging and pleading for an A after finals, so do yourself and your teachers a favor by doing the extra work!

3. Reading makes you a better person. If your excuse is “I don’t like reading,” then you simply haven’t found the right book. Don’t feel the need to dive headfirst into a complex title such as Plato’s The Republic (unless of course you’re passionate about ancient Greek philosophy). Leisurely reading the same type of books that are in Honors ELA probably isn’t going to be so fun. Pick a subject that interests you and look at some ratings and reviews. A great tool to find quality books is checking out the New York Times Bestseller list; you’re bound to find something interesting. On a budget? Save the trip to Barnes and Noble. The Johnson County Library has a wide selection, just look up a title on their website and put it on hold. Reading increases your vocabulary, helps you do better in classes, and just makes you an all around smarter person.

4. Mental health is crucial. This goes out to all the athletes and students involved in extracurricular activities: know when to stop. Grades are important, but not as important as you. If you find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown at 1 a.m. cramming to finish your homework, just go to bed. Wake up earlier in the morning to finish it. Chances are, your thinking will be clearer and you’ll end up getting a better grade. Leave the 1 a.m. mental collapses for sophomore year while cramming for an AP Euro test (just kidding, kind of).

5. Going out is ultimately worth it. As tempting as it can be to stay home in bed binge watching “Friends”, leaving the house will probably be better for you. No one wants to look back on high school for only remembering Netflix late nights. North has tons of atheletic events, clubs, and other fun activities. Grab some friends and take advantage! You’ll likely meet new people, engage in interesting conversion, and make more friends. A lot more appealing than Netflix, right?