OPINION: Don’t let your chances pass you by

OPINION: Don't let your chances pass you by

My first day freshman year was pretty uneventful, as was the rest of that year. I walked through the halls feeling like one-in-a-million. Posters plastered the walls inviting me to join clubs, play on sports teams and attend various school sponsored events. Everywhere I turned there were opportunities to get involved at North, but I didn’t take hold of enough chances.

Why didn’t I try more new things? I didn’t know anyone.

This seems to be a reason that stops so many students at North from exposing themselves to new environments, opportunities and potential passions. We’re scared to be “that kid” who doesn’t have a friend. And this fear is completely understandable. It’s scary to have to be on your own.

But there’s irony here. We don’t try new things because we don’t want to be alone. But, if we don’t try new things, we will be.

Get involved for two reasons: to create strong friendships and to find your purpose here at North.

Those first few days joining a club or playing for a sports team may feel awkward, but stick with it. That uncomfortable feeling will pass. And once it does, the reward can be endless. Don’t let the fear of not having a community stop you from taking your opportunities to make one.

Looking around the halls, its the students who are engrossed in multiple activities that enjoy their four years here the most. The students who attend football games, dress up for spirit weeks and scream at assemblies are the ones who don’t see school as a drag, but an adventure. The more we allow ourselves to try new and uncomfortable things, the more we’ll receive in return.

Find your contribution to our community. Joining Newspaper, becoming a Mustang Mentor, even simply talking to teachers about new ideas and potential changes helped me realize that I didn’t have to be lost in the crowd. Getting more involved in the school made me feel like I have a purpose as a student in this building.

That feeling, the sense of importance and significance, it’s what makes a regular student feel like a vital member to our school. We have a say in what takes place here. We choose the activities. We push the teachers. We create the culture. Use your voice. Use the power that you have to make North what you want it to be.

So listen to staff when they scream at us to get involved. If you see an interesting flyer in the hall don’t just pass it by. Get involved because friendships will form and flourish. Get involved because feeling like you have a purpose, like you have a contribution to the school is the only way to understand your importance to the North community. Get involved because you want to make the most of your time here.