Q&A With Notre Dame Commit Ryan Krutz


What career do you hope to pursue after soccer?

“I’m obviously going to pursue a career playing soccer; if that doesn’t work out then I will take it [year] by year and see where my degree will get me.”

What major do you hope to pursue?

“I’ve decided on business. They have a pretty good business school at Notre Dame, along with a lot of other majors.”

How did you balance school and soccer?

“It’s not a hard task in high school I don’t think. You just have to stay focused when you need to do your homework. It’s not as big of a challenge as people think it is. But, if you work hard, [success] comes out easy.”

What were your other options for school?Screenshot_2014-09-12-10-56-31

“I was looking at a lot. I narrowed [the search] down to Duke, Indiana, West Virginia, and Notre Dame. For the last month, month and a half, those were my top four. I eventually decided on Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago.”

Why did you decide to choose Notre Dame?

“First off, it’s a great university–the academic side of it is–and it was kind of hard to say no to. [They were] defending national champs last year and I think they have a really good team this year, too. They’ve always been a prestigious soccer program so it was just hard to say no.”

Did you know you were going to play soccer in college when you were growing up?

“It was always a goal of mine. I don’t think I thought about it that much when I was little, but I always hoped it would happen. [My] dreams came true.”

Why are you passionate about soccer?

“I think just because I enjoy it so much. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t work as hard or want to be better. It’s kind of easy to be passionate about something you enjoy.”

Where do you see yourself after college?

“I hope to be playing. [I want to] see how I do at Notre Dame and hopefully everything pans out and I keep playing soccer somewhere. I guess I see myself playing out of college, that’s what the goal is, but sometimes goals don’t work out so I always want to have a backup. That’s why I’m going to get my degree first at Notre Dame.”

Screenshot_2014-09-12-10-56-45Do you have any advice for students that want to play a sport in college?

“First off, just work hard, definitely. Not just work hard with your sport, but practice and stuff by yourself and really focus on academics. I know a lot of teachers say this and you won’t believe it but most schools will. They kind of tell the person you are by what your grades are. So I would say focus on the classroom a lot and obviously perfect your craft on whatever sport you’re playing.”

What are your goals at Notre Dame?

“I want to win a national championship. I want to win as much as possible. I also want to get my degree, and hopefully everything will workout that way.”

Have you met any of the other players, recruits, coaches? What are you opinions of them?

“Yeah, I met all the coaches, but I haven’t talked to any of the players. I’ve talked to all of the ex-players. I taScreenshot_2014-09-12-10-57-00lked to Matt Beesler about it because he graduated there, but that was six years ago I think. I am visiting this weekend, so hopefully I can met all the guys and get acclimated with my situation there.”

What are your opinions of the coaches?

“They are some of the best [coaches] in the country, I believe, [who have developed] the system they have there and the way they have developed their players. I don’t think I can say anything else but just look at the players who have come through the system there.”

What are you most excited about this year?

I am excited about senior year because senior year is always fun, [it] should be one of the good years of your life. I’m excited to keep playing and getting better everyday and preparing for what I need to do at Notre Dame. Also, I’m just enjoying the time I have with old people here and my family, just enjoying those last couple of moments until I go off. So I guess just enjoying friends and family–that’s what I’m excited about this year. At college, I think everyone is excited to go out to college no matter where they are going. I guess I’m excited to see what it’s like there and what the college life is and the balance of academics and soccer and having a social life at the same time. So yeah, I’m just excited for everything that comes along with Notre Dame and the great university it is.”