Random Mixtape Review: Detroit by Big Sean

Random Mixtape Review: Detroit by Big Sean

What is a mixtape? Mixtapes are albums (usually hip hop) used to promote new or prominent artists or add a different angle to current music. When artists just want to make music for fun, they produce free tapes for anyone to download and listen to. For those trying to avoid the capitalist music producers and the police, Mixtapes are a great way to hear new music for free that is sometimes substantially better than the music produced commercially.

Review of the week: Detroit by Big Sean

  Who: Big Sean is a hip hop artist from Detroit, Michigan. Although he has been recording for almost a decade, his rise to prominence came just a few years ago, around the time he released his first album “Finally Famous” in 2011. His most recent album, “Hall of Fame” was released in August.

  What: Before Big Sean became “big,” he spent his time releasing mixtapes. His most recent one is “Detroit” which is made up of 18 songs (16 singles and 2 on a bonus track) featuring prominent artists such as Chris Brown, J Cole, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa and others.

  The songs are very neutral and dark in an insightful way, with the beats that are very neutral and thought out. Unlike certain rappers, whose beats sound like the producer ran a brick over with a lawnmower, the beats in “Detroit” are filled with a strong bass accented with various instruments such as pianos and trumpets.

Is it worth listening to?

Here’s what’s good

1. Big Sean is talented, and this mixtape really exemplifies his quality. His lyrics have meaning and there is substance as well as style.

2. The beats are really good. Instead of sounding like a synthesizer run over by a lawnmower, then inputted into a Macbook, the beats have a somber tone, accented with various instruments such as the piano. 24k of Gold is a really good song that has these qualities.

3. In the middle, various artists such as Snoop Lion tell their stories on the track, and many mainstream artists are featured.

Here’s what’s not

1. Big Sean’s somber and meaningful tone can sometimes get repetitive in the songs. It’s also not something that you can play for leisure because it’s not very upbeat.

Overall rating: 8.8/10. Although it diverts from the popular style of Hip Hop, the lyrics are meaningful and the message is powerful. It’s also filled with a lot of mainstream rappers. Some people may not like the somber style, but it’s a great listen for most who are looking for something different.

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