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Fans cheer in the front row.

Recap: Boys Varsity Soccer Falls to Blue Valley Northwest 1-0 in Annual White Out Game

August 29, 2018

Friday night, boys varsity soccer went head to head with Blue Valley Northwest at their annual whiteout game. The DAC was packed with North students dressed in white, while Northwest students were dressed in black.

The whiteout game is always the first soccer game of the year, and according to senior David Brockman, this game is very different from others.

“It’s a whole different atmosphere [at] school [with] all the excitement leading up to the game,” Brockman said.

Many teams practice all summer for big games. North had scrimmages and practices but only had four days of real practice leading up to the game. Although the number of practices was limited, conditioning over the summer helped the team prepare for big game.

Senior Adam Dickey walks on the field.

The whiteout game brings many fans out to cheer, and it can get noisy being in a large crowd. Players arrive before any fans show up, but once they run out of the tunnel it’s a different story.

“Once we ran out of the tunnel and I saw [all the] people in the stands, it all changed. I felt confident to be representing BVN soccer,” Brockman said.

One thing Brockman wishes were different is that they had more time to prepare as a team since the whiteout game is the first major fall sporting event. It was a fight to the finish, but North lost 1-0.

“If we had another week to all train together, I believe the result would have been different,” says Brockman. “We all played our hearts out, and the result may not have been wanted, but it was a great experience and nothing to be ashamed of.”

After the game, the junior student council put on a mixer for BVN students. Junior treasurer Nick Buffo, alongside six other members of student council, worked on the event since Monday of last week. Between them, they mutually decided who was in charge of the music, times and decorations. It took five days to get the mixer ready for Friday night.

“It had kind of snuck up on us, but we were still able to get it done and attract a lot of people,” Buffo said.

The mixer charged five dollars per student and the junior class uses the money raised to fund this year’s prom. The event being held after the first soccer game acted as a kick-off to fall sports, and as back-to-school event that helps bring the student body together.

Every year a different set of juniors face the challenge of getting as many people as possible to come. This year, they raffled off a Chief’s poster, Taylor Swift tickets and homecoming tickets. Keeping in mind the costliness of hiring a professional DJ, the juniors decided to just use a set playlist and borrowed speakers as the main source of music.

“My favorite part was bringing the school together over a dance after a soccer game. It also gave us a chance to kick off the year and get people excited for school events,” Buffo said.

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Recap: Boys Varsity Soccer Falls to Blue Valley Northwest 1-0 in Annual White Out Game