Rohit Bhagat Signs to Case Western Reserve College


On April 14, senior Rohit Bhagat signed to Case Western Reserve College in Ohio for tennis. Rohit was ranked first on the BVN boys tennis team and is excited to be playing in college.
“I really look forward to the years to come… it’s a great opportunity. I can’t wait to be a spartan,” Bhagat said.
Case Western is known for their stellar tennis program, and is ranked by the NCAA as the third best tennis program in D-III Central Region Tennis.
“I will have some really good matches, but I think it is a good step up,” Bhagat said.
Tracy Johnson, the 2015 BVN boys tennis coach, is sad to see Bhagat leave. She voiced her approbation on April 14 when Rohit signed to the next four years of his tennis career.
“Rohit has been a huge part of the North Varsity team. He puts 100 percent effort into everything he does. I have known him for at least four years now and every minute of it has been worth it. Rohit is going to go out there and play the best tennis of his life and I am so happy for him. I wish him the best of luck,” Johnson said.
Although this is Bhagat’s last year at BVN, he will always be a mustang.
“I very much appreciate what [Rohit] has represented for BVN,” assistant principal and athletic director Mickey Masterson said. “I hope that as he moves forward, he knows that he is always welcome back here at BVN.”