Scholastic Art & Writing Award Winners for the 2015-2016 School Year

Scholastic Art & Writing Award Winners for the 2015-2016 School Year

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the country’s longest-running art awards for teens. Regional Scholastics awards earned by BVN students are below. Gold Key winners go on to compete at the national level.


Gold Key Awards

Jennifer Fu—Painting, “Love doesn’t have to be perfection”

Jennifer Fu—Painting, “Speak”

Cormac Palmer—Painting, “Dark Son Phantom”

Kallie Nelson—Drawing, “Self Portrait I”

Cormac Palmer—Drawing, “La Grand Historia”

Becca Renton—Art Portfolio, “Urban Americana”

Silver Key Awards

Jennifer Fu—Art Portfolio, “Habits in Paradise”

Conan Lee—Drawing, “Interested”

Spencer Thurston—Drawing, “Cigarettes on the Bible”

Spencer Thurston—Drawing, “Truth”

Robbie Gehring—Photography, “City View”

Kylie Sweeney—Photography, “Saturday Afternoon”

Riley Corcoran—Painting, “Living within the System”

Riley Corcoran—Painting, “Suburbanite”

Jennifer Fu—Painting, “Daddy”

Jennifer Fu—Painting, “Fruits of a North American Education”

Jennifer Fu—Painting, “Self-baptism”

Honorable Mention Awards

Kallie Nelson—Drawing, “Jordan”

Kylie Sweeney—Photography, “Scratching the Surface”

Kylie Sweeney—Photography, “Sitting, Wishing, Waiting”

Riley Corcoran—Painting, “MultieFACEted”

Courtney Stallard—Painting, “The Green Room”


Our 2016 Shooting Stars nominees for the art department will compete against other students in Johnson County for scholarships. They will be announced later in the spring.

Jennifer Fu – Two-Dimensional category

Becca Renton – Photography category


The Nelson-Atkins Museum sponsors the prestigious Photography Scholars program, where 15 senior students from the metro area are selected based on a portfolio submission; they work with a professional photographer over the course of the Spring semester to create a portfolio, and will then have a piece on display at the Nelson later in the Spring.

Elizabeth Hanson was selected for this honor.​


Gold Key Awards

Orunima Chakraborti-Poetry

Samyukta Trikkur-Critical Essay

Silver Key Awards

Orunima Chakraborti-Poetry

Honorable Mention

Orunima Chakraborti-Fiction, Portfolio, Poetry, Personal Essay/Memoir

Margaret Russo-Flash Fiction