School spirit at an all time high

During the past few years school spirit at North has hit troubling waters. Low participation in spirit days and minimal attendance at mixers made it difficult to get pumped with school spirit.

But this year the tides have turned; a packed crowd at the first soccer game of the year along with a mixer that filled the commons is a sign for great things to come. Senior girls filled the stands with supportive signs for the soccer boys and senior boys painted their chests to support the team at the whiteout soccer game. The Mustangs cheered hard for their beloved soccer players until the very end of the game. The seniors of 2016 are fired up with mustang spirit and did a great job of leading the crowd at the game.  Students of all grades then flooded thc commons and kept the mixer packed. DJ Brooks Brown kept the crowd dancing all night.

The mustangs football season got off to an excellent start on Friday. The boys running through a brand new tunnel got the stands excited and the crowd stayed pumped as the mustangs went on to defeat the Blue Valley Southwest Timberwolves 41-0. Students filled the stands to cheer on the boys dressed in their best country attire to fit the theme. The BVN cheerleaders and dance team kept the crowd pumped throughout the game while leading cheers with students.  Supporters stayed until the end of the game to see the football boys snag the win.

Students of all grades and ages seem more fired up than ever before with school spirit. With spirit like this, the mustangs are sure to have an excellent year. 


Kristin Larson