Senior column

On my first day of high school in 2012 I distinctly remember the rush of fear as I walked in under the neon blue lights of the front hallway, I was in utter awe of how old all of the other students looked. The senior boys were tall, muscular giants and the senior girls looked like they were already in college. I was terrified I would get lost in this huge new school or worse embarrass myself on the first day. After my first hour class all of my fears were completely erased and replaced with excitement for the next 4 years of my life. My first hour class was dance team when I was a freshman. The first thing we did was go around in a circle and every team member got to list three things they were looking forward to during that school year. I listened in awe as upperclassmen talked about how excited they were for senior spring break, dances, and football games. I couldn’t wait to experience all of these activities for myself. Four years have passed since that first day and the class of 2016 is preparing to bid Blue Valley North one final farewell. I have had the time of my life the past four years. I got to watch the football team have an incredible season, threw baby powder into the stands at my final whiteout soccer game, competed in state championships, went to homecoming, prom and sweetheart, and to the Dominican Republic for senior spring break with 45 of my best friends. This final year as a mustang has been the best one of my life. My advice to the underclassmen at Blue Valley North is to truly take advantage of every moment. BVN has endless opportunities to broaden your horizons and to meet incredible people. Attend as many sporting events and dances as you can, they are so much fun. To the juniors at BVN- enjoy your senior year. It truly is the best year ever.