Seniors Advise Freshmen to Take Risks

Seniors Advise Freshmen to Take Risks

As the seniors gear up for their final year of high school, they look back, thinking about what they would do differently. Knowing the shortcuts and secrets of BVN, some wonder what could’ve been if only they knew as freshmen what they know now.

On Wednesday, August 5th, incoming freshmen walked through the school for New Mustang Night. Some seniors volunteered to put out displays and answer questions about clubs at BVN. A few seniors saw that many freshmen were reluctant to join clubs because they were afraid of being judged.

Senior Joyeta Chowdhury saw many freshmen shy away from the Kay Club table, a club dedicated to community service, simply because they weren’t familiar with it.

“Try a bunch of stuff and see what works for you,” Chowdhury said.

Chowdhury said the alternative to never try anything and risk not finding your niche.

Members of the Class of 2016 gave advice on topics ranging from being active in what the school has to offer to the importance of keeping grades up.

“Don’t try to hard to please others,” senior Monica Melber said.

Additional advice echoed the sentiment to branch out, be different and be authentic.

“Don’t be afraid of being yourself,” Chowdhury said.