Sophomores Adapt and Survive their Freshman Year

Sophomores Adapt and Survive their Freshman Year

The beginning of high school is full of new experiences; finding your class in a network of hallways, picking a table at lunch, managing your schedule, and keeping up with your classes. Navigating this strange and exciting new world can be challenging, and no one knows that better than the sophomores.

“The school is big, but don’t be intimidated,” sophomore Jillian Sommeraurer said. “Develop good habits from the start, don’t wait to get into a good pattern.”

The Blue Valley North allocates 6 minute passing periods between classes. That’s 2 minutes longer than the typical middle school passing period.

“Keep your locker clean, it helps to keep you organized and gets you to class faster,” Sommerauer said.

Many middle school teachers teach the Cornell Note-taking System, but few high school teachers specify how they would like you to take notes. Finding your preferred way, and taking detailed notes, will help you to excel in class and comprehend all of the material.

“Take good notes; they’re important,” sophomore Ashmika Behere said.

The homework load is heavier in high school, so time management is an important skill and necessary to succeed. Most classes offer extra help on Wednesdays during academic support from 2:25 to 2:50 p.m.

“Get on good terms with the teacher,” Sommeraurer said. “Complete work on time, manage your time well, and ask your friends and teachers for help if needed, but try not to just take your friends answers.”

BVN has a wide range of sports and clubs for student enrichment. If you can’t find a club you would like to join, students can start one through the office of Mr. Wessel, the Assistant Principal of Activities.

“Be yourself and be social to make friends,” Sommeraurer said. “Get involved.”