Spirit Week or Spirit Bleak?

Emily Binkley
Andrew Nettelblad rallies the crowd at the neon-themed boys basketball game.

by Connor Clary

Every year, the week before the sweetheart dance, students at BVN participate in spirit week. Although many students look forward to this time, many are less enthusiastic about participating. This year, students had the opportunity to participate in pajama day, twin day, space jam/jersey day, Netflix character day, and class color day.

Students throughout the school participated in spirit week, and expressed a variety of reasons for deciding to get involved.

“I like showing my school spirit,” junior Courtney McKown said. “It’s a lot of fun to dress up, wear new things and be allowed to not be normal for a week.”

Displaying school spirit was a common motivator expressed by students. Regardless, many only partook in some of the days, and others didn’t participate at all. Some did not participate simply due to busy schedules and a lack of awareness.

“I’m a little bit more focused on schoolwork and just getting through the school week. I kind of forgot that it was spirit week,” junior Amy Howes said.

Sophomore Mathew Lippe, who participated in spirit week, believed students may not participate “because they don’t like the spirit days or they aren’t super involved.”

These themes were determined by the student council. They created a list of nine to ten potential days, but the student body got the final say.

“[Student council comes] together and we vote on what we think would be good spirit days. Then, we put them out for [the students to] vote,” Junior Peter Donaldson. said.

Many students were unaware that the poll took place, and thus they did not vote. Some expressed that making the poll more publicized could increase student participation and add some new variety to the week.

“I wish students had more input on what the days would be…I feel like we always have the same five spirit days,” McKown said.

Students had a variety of other ideas to increase involvement, including adding an element of competition.

“[I think we could] do a competition for the most spirit, best dressed, that sort of thing. I think that would create more competition and more people would want to participate,” Howes said.

No matter how BVN could get more students involved, those who took part in spirit week expressed a desire for increased participation. Some felt as though school spirit at North can be lacking at times, and spirit week is a way to get the student body more engaged.

“I think spirit days are [important] because school spirit is so important,” Donaldson said. “At North, we kind of lack that a little bit…having school spirit makes people excited about our school, about our community, and just about North as a whole.”