Stefanie Williams- Chemistry

Where did you work before coming to North?

Shawnee Mission Northwest is where I worked before. I taught all levels of chemistry there. I’m a runner, and I am currently training for a marathon. I’m also a cyclist, so I’ve done things like road cycling. I also enjoy gardening.

Did you grow up around here?

I did. I went to Shawnee Mission South. I grew up in Leawood, old Leawood.

Why North?

I live way out south and it’s closer to my house. I live near Spring Hill, and Blue Valley has a really good reputation, so I felt it was time to make the move.

What has your impression of North been so far?

[Blue Valley North has] good academic standards, which I am all about and really friendly and I really feel right at home.

Anything else that you’d like to say to your students?

I have a husband whose name is Brian. The two of us are pretty outdoorsy, athletic kind of people. I went to KU, I have two sisters who went to Shawnee Mission East, so there’s a little discrepancy there.