StuCo Weekly Meeting (8/25/14)

StuCo Weekly Meeting (8/25/14)

These were the talking points of this week’s StuCo Monday morning meeting:

1. The “Mustangs against Hunger” program has been rejected due to logistical issues. The program was designed to provide food for students who may not be able to afford to feed themselves. The focus is now on packing food for the elementary school.

2. Relay for Life North Chapter will be founded in conjunction with the Kay club. More information in September.

3. Class t-shirts are going to be sold next week.

4. Discussion occurred over whether Freshman StuCo elections should be done by hand because voter turnout on the online voting poll is only at 15% of the class.

5. All-StuCo president Clayton Covington relayed complaints about a negative social media presence and called for a change in social media etiquette.

6. Covington also called for officers to get the freshmen pumped up for the BVN soccer game against BVNW while maintaining civility.

7. The “Dance Pass” initiative has been tabled until next year. The Dance Pass works just like the activity pass, allowing a student to attend Homecoming, Prom, and mixers for an upfront cost of $40. The flyers made it into the Registration packet but will not be implemented until later.

8. The Dance Pass will probably be brought back up in January.

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