StuCo Weekly Meeting (9/8/14)


These were the talking points of this week’s StuCo Monday morning meeting:

1. StuCo will continue selling t-shirts to Freshmen because only 10 have been sold to the whole grade. However, many shirts have been sold to Juniors and Seniors.

2. StuCo officers will be informing more upperclassmen to continue buying shirts.

3. Mrs. Moran will be holding the Freshmen StuCo officer election. A new electronic voting system has been purchased. 3 candidates have applied for each position.

4. The Representative system (Reps) is going to be reformed for this year. A new application process has been brought up to weed out unsuitable candidates. Brendan Fowler has suggested that the losers of each election will also become representatives.

5. All StuCo grades will be contributing to the success of Homecoming. StuCo is currently considering a Halloween Theme for Homecoming, but it has not been finalized. StuCo will be breaking out into smaller committees and voting for a theme may happen on either or Twitter.

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