Students prepare for the French trip


Photo by Shantha Burt

Junior Michael Adamson holds a French National Honor Society sign.

Last summer, junior Michael Adamson had no choice but to adjust to a new lifestyle. He traveled nearly 4,800 miles to Morocco for a month-long family exchange program only to find out that his toilet for the summer was a hole in the ground, and his shower was an outdoor hose. Despite the immediate discomfort, Adamson was glad for the experience by the end of the summer because it prepared him for his foreign exchange trip this summer with the French department.

“I’m not really worried about anything,” Adamson said. “Having been on an exchange for longer than the French trip has prepared me for this.”

Adamson is one of 14 students traveling to France for two weeks this June. Unlike other school trips, the French trip requires all students to spend six days with a host family.

“I’m most excited for the host family stay and being able to go out and have fun with my host brother,” Adamson said. “He wants to take me surfing, which will be new to me.”

Adamson is one of the first few students to be contacted by their host family.

“My host family lives in the City of Bordeaux, and I have a host brother who is a month younger than me, a host sister who is 13, and a host mother,” Adamson said. “Their parents are divorced and they live with their mother, so it resembles my family a lot.”

Junior Holly Rasette is also going on the French trip this summer.

“I decided to go on the trip because I think it will be really beneficial to becoming fluent in French and learning a new culture,” Rasette said.

While Adamson is more excited for the family stay portion of the trip, Rasette is excited to see Paris.

“I’m excited to explore Paris and get to see all the different places and history that we’ve been hearing about for our whole lives,” Rasette said.

Unlike Adamson, Rasette has not been contacted by her host family yet, but she is still preparing for the trip by going to monthly meetings and learning about French customs. Rasette has even made a scrapbook about her life and interests to give to her host family when she meets them.

“We have monthly meetings where we learn about anything and everything we need to know for the trip,” Rasette said.

Junior Brooks Bailey, another student going on the trip, is also excited to explore a new culture.

“I decided to go because not only can I tour France, which is an amazing opportunity,” Bailey said, “but I can actually experience the culture and use the language in more than just a classroom setting.”