Tag-Yourself-Tuesday North Star Staff Edition! Which staff member are you?

Ms. Klote, Publication Adviser
very nice but has an angry side
will eat your ice cream
spends 20 minutes picking emojis
loses sentences halfway through


Sammy Galapo, Editor in Chief
loves his backpack
“honestly a little offended”
gets excited about math homework
his own biggest fan


Gigi Wildman, Editor in Chief
laughs when uncomfortable
cries every time The Office theme song plays
is a grandma
hasn’t brushed her hair in 10 years


Laura Evans, Section Editor
meme trash
scene trash
likes to scream trash


Nicole Dolan, Section Editor
jazz enthusiast
feeds everyone
has an adequate amount of hats
is married to Christ Pratt


Sri Veerisetti, Section Editor
like 2 words in a conversation
where is he?
smiles while being yelled at


Amanda Mok, Section Editor
can maybe do 3 pushups
very Asian
sleeps to avoid responsibilities


Lila Johnson, Design Editor
cries easily
“cool dad”
overstimulated, under motivated
lays on floor


Anna Martin, Staff Writer
is a cupcake
extremely competitive
“fight me”


Connor Clary, Staff Writer
always late


Ellie Anderson, Staff Writer
is a dog
talks too much
blanket lover


Lexie Herman, Staff Writer
hates condiments
confused 24/7
never shuts up about politics


Kristen Xu, Staff Writer
elementary school was too easy for her
Lucy Li fan club member
gives good makeup advice
too nice for this world


Lauren Graham, Staff Writer
has to win
“a basket of puppies”
reserved but secretly judging


Mathew Cotton, Staff Writer
loves Club Penguin
amused as heck
“I don’t know”


Shantha Burt, Staff Writer
loves plays
no one knows her middle name
stressed about having a 99.9%
shocking laugh


Sophie Roldan, Staff Writer
hates yelling
gets 1st place on Rainbow Road
always singing High School Musical


Taylor Mills, Staff Writer
nap enthusiast
loves dogs more than her own life
screaming internally


Tara Kaplan, Staff Writer and Photographer
actually knows Photoshop
girl of many hairstyles
knows her angles