Taking on FBLA State


FBLA participants pose for a photo.

Two weeks ago, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) traveled to Topeka, Kan., to compete in business tests and presentations at a state level.  BVN had numerous students place in their events and qualify for nationals, which will be held in Atlanta this June. Junior Alaina Perila got fourth place and qualified to nationals in two events.

“My first event was an advertising test, [which is] a test over various business terms relating to advertising,” Perila said. “ My second event was management information systems, which was a team event that focused on databases and web design and how to manage things online.”

Perila noted that this year was particularly successful for BVN FBLA.

“Overall it was very successful,” Perila said. “A lot of people qualified for nationals and placed highly in their individual events”

Sophomore Gabe Deng also competed at FBLA state last week.

“State was an amazing experience,” Deng said. “Personally, I got to know more upperclassmen, and in the end I also achieved my goal of making nationals.”

Although Deng’s events were different than Perila’s, he was also in two events at the competition. His first event was intro to business procedures.

“I had to take a test about business procedures,” Deng said.

Deng’s second event was help desk. Unlike his first event, this was based on public speaking and presentation skills.

“I had to assume the role of a help desk to answer customer service based questions about a product or a service,” Deng said.

Overall, both Deng and Perila agree that it was a worthwhile experience.

“FBLA state was a ton of fun,” Perila said. “It was a great experience that I was able to share with my friends.”