The Robotics Room

Drafting III student, Brian Kenney, using the Revit software program to bring his sketches into a more functional design.

Miles Riley, BVN’s new drafting teacher, is helping his Drafting III students design a robotics room. By creating this room, Riley hopes to achieve a class where students can learn teamwork and robotics skills. Riley describes the students’ desire to learn about the new program by having his students create a survey that was passed out during advisory on Thursday, September 5th. The students asked if their peers would be interested in the robotics program and if they would prefer a classroom or club setting.

“I think the survey really generated some interest and a lot of questions,” Riley said. “So I think that’s just one of the goals this semester is trying to maybe have some answers or a direction that we can [work] with.”

Drafting III students will be designing the new robotics space from a previously existing area within room 522. Other plans for the robotics group, besides the creation of a new room, include Riley’s plan to use the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) program as a guideline for activities and competitions. FTC is a foundation in which students grade 7-12 compete in design and programming challenges against other teams. He also explains that he hopes students gain enough interest to grow the club large enough into an eventual robotics class.

I think kids really want to invest in it, to give them the opportunity to be able to do robotics for every single day instead of just once or twice a week after school,” Riley said. “[I want to] give them more opportunities to dive in and maybe have them learn a little more than they would get out of a club.”

Riley expressed his commitment to the program and his desire to educate his students in a fun and competitive environment. Riley explains, he wants to help his students gain a new understanding and commitment to the new program.

“I think, definitely, initially, I see myself teaching it, I would continue to teach it. But our industrial tech program is a growing one, you know, the goal is to get a lot of numbers.” Riley said. “So, initially, I’ll take it all on, but I don’t know if I could do that forever, I definitely would like to somebody to help split the load a little bit. But, if robotics is one of my classes, I’d definitely be happy to teach it.”

Drafting III students will continue to work on designing this new space and eventually present it to principal Tyson Ostroski. Riley hopes that the class will be up and running within the next couple of years.