The Tardy, Tardy Tracker

The Tardy, Tardy Tracker

The two-minute bell rings. Some students sprint down the hall to their classrooms while others still take their time making walking through the halls. The five-minute bell rings, indicating the beginning of class, but several students still continue to roam the halls. Now, instead of continuing conversations with friends by the locker bays while class is beginning, students will go enter their tardy on the newly established Tardy Tracker machine.

What is Tardy Tracker?

The Tardy Tracker is a machine with an attached computer and printer used to keep track of students’ tardies. Students will type their student I.D. number into the machine when late to a class. A sheet will be printed off indicating their offense and consequence. The Tardy Tracker keeps track of tardiness for each individual class. In addition, the system reboots itself each semester.

Why is Tardy Tracker at our school?

Administration felt that due to the amount of tardies, the school needed a new way to keep students on time.

“The administration staff wanted to reduce the amount of kids in the hallways. Obviously, we want our kids in their classes the full amount of time.  We want to keep them accountable for their actions,” Assistant Principal of Activities, Dr. Tyson Ostroski, said.

According to the administration, Tardy Tracker has already be proven successful at other Blue Valley schools and they wanted to see if it could do the same here at Blue Valley North.

“I came from Blue Valley Southwest where they had a Tardy Tracker… I got to use it as a teacher and I loved it.” Ostroski said. “Everybody loved it. It was easy, everybody knew how to use it and it worked really well.”


Concerns about the new system have been brought up by students. Even though administration is hopeful about this new system, many students still have their doubts.

“It just seems like a waste of time to have to go to another classroom and you’ll just be even more late and more disruptive to the class” Katie Smith, junior, said.

“It’s just too strict,” junior Nick Ernst said.

Ostroski however, believes that students’ hesitance about the Tardy Tracker will be resolved when the new system is implemented.

“In the long run, I think it will actually save [students] more time.  If they were to get a detention on their later offences, it would tell them exactly when and where to be for it” Ostroski said.

Instead of going to class when students are late, they will go to room 401 to get their tardy slip and then head to their classrooms.

Where is the Tardy Tracker right now?

    As students settle into the routine of the new school year, the Tardy Tracker is still waiting on shipment to BVN.

“The idea was to have it here on the first day of school, but we are at the mercy of the company” Ostroski said. “It is not an ideal situation to be in, but I think that it will be something that is very easy for students to get and teachers to get used to and keep the tardy policy unified between all classrooms.”

It’s set to arrive in approximately one month.


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